Mentoris has a wide range of offering under the Compliance services category.

Employee Welfare

One other area which is a key differentiator from a HR point-of-view is employee welfare. Focus on this aspect reflects the HR orientation of the company and a real concern and interest in employee well-being. Mentoris helps organizations offer varied insurance policies to employees which broadly cover life, health, motor and property.

We offer competitive prices, coverage options which meaningfully align to customer risks and provider choices which fit customer profile.

Mentoris will soon be aligned to an in-house IRDA-approved insurance brokerage, giving even more options and better pricing to our customers.

Case Studies

CFO/MIS Services

Mentoris was engaged by an Internet Marketing Company for providing support in MIS services, Mentoris's role is to facilitate compiling monthly financial statements for review by the management. View all case studies