Mentoris has a wide range of offering under the accounting services category

Registration with Statutory Bodies

Whether in india or in the US, a new company ( or an exisiting company) will have to register with labor, tax and other bodies to stay compliant from a legal point of view. Mentors undertakes registration of your company with PF authority, ESI authority, Service, Sales and other tax authorities. We also have the experience in registration for industry-specific statutory and trade bodies as well. In most of these cases, structuring your application and future-proofing it would help in avoiding pains at a later date. Mentoris, with its years of such administrative experience, is well positioned to guide you well here.

Case Studies

CFO/MIS Services

Mentoris was engaged by an Internet Marketing Company for providing support in MIS services, Mentoris's role is to facilitate compiling monthly financial statements for review by the management. View all case studies