Mentoris has a wide range of offering under the Compliance services category.

Contingency Staffing

One growing trend we cater to is the requirement for short and medium term staff to handle spurts in business volume, specific project opportunities and specialized skills which companies do not want to carry on a long term basis.

Mentoris’ contingency staffing model helps companies ramp up to meet their delivery needs almost immediately, while not carrying such resource obligations over the long term. Our financial stability, process capability and branding/,market standing help us attract and retain talent for continued deployment across clients.

Engagements under the contingency staffing could be assignment-based, tenure-based or on a retainer model for a specific number of hours every month.

Case Studies

CFO/MIS Services

Mentoris was engaged by an Internet Marketing Company for providing support in MIS services, Mentoris's role is to facilitate compiling monthly financial statements for review by the management. View all case studies