Our typical structure for an engagement would involve an engagement manager, a set of team leads and a group of team members depending upon engagement size. The engagement manager would be a dedicated or a shared resource depending on engagement size and quantum or work involved.

The objective of having a designated engagement manager is to facilitate high level interaction, understand your business objectives and how Mentoris fits into your overall plan and to see how we can elevate the engagement to be of greater value to both parties. In some situations, we encounter opportunities which come out of small business problems and situations the customer may have- ranging from absenteeism, statutory audits, sudden spikes in business or a process-related roadblock. A sharp and perceptive engagement manager would give both organizations the visibility to handle the situation differently, resulting in business benefits to both sides.

Case Studies

CFO/MIS Services

Mentoris was engaged by an Internet Marketing Company for providing support in MIS services, Mentoris's role is to facilitate compiling monthly financial statements for review by the management. View all case studies