Mentoris believes that most customers who look for IT services also look for IT-enabled services

Customers which use IT services have matured over the last 20-25 years and are now looking at outsourcing non-core processes, and in some cases, even core processes if they find a vendor who can reliably meet their expectations and reduce cost. Moreover, the customer’s back-end becomes our front-end, driving efficiencies, providing scale and meeting SLA expectations on a back-to-back model in cases where our customers are service providers to other customers.

Scale, process efficiencies and ability to manage a motivated, low-attrition workforce are the key elements of our execution.

Case Studies

CFO/MIS Services

Mentoris was engaged by an Internet Marketing Company for providing support in MIS services, Mentoris's role is to facilitate compiling monthly financial statements for review by the management. View all case studies